Hotel Central Inn in heart of Zlatibor!


About us

  • Central Inn

    In July, in the very heart of Zlatibor, in the peaceful part of the promenade Central Inn was open. Residence and Gastro Bar quickly drew the attention of tourists, as well as locals. 13 modern, fully equipped studios, and 3 family suits in the best location on Zlatibor. 50 meters from Zlatibor Lake, and King’s Square, 5 minutes from the bus station, and a few minutes of easy walk to the starting point of Gold Gondola. Firstly we would like to point out the tremendous commitment of the entire Central Inn staff that enabled us to draw the attention of a significant number of guests and to successfully position ourselves on the touristic map of Zlatibor. Since the beginning, our priorities were needs and comfort for the guests. From accommodation, we offer studios for up to 4 people and apartments with 2 bedrooms for bigger families. All our apartments are spacious, with a functional kitchen, one or 2 balconies, a working desk or dining table, with all the other amenities that modern accommodation is expected to give.

  • Gastro Bar Central Inn & Pizzeria

    Central Zlatibor Gastro bar that works within Hotel Central Inn Zlatibor was opened in 2019. It was designed by young energetic people and represents the first Gastro Bar in touristic offer on Zlatibor. The idea was that with the new and modern concepts we create an ideal harmony of unique ambient and taste for every guest. Central Zlatibor is located in the very centre of Zlatibor, but separated and hidden from the main promenade so it offers a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family with your favourite food and drink. Known for its unique offer of international dishes from which we can highlight: Napoli pizza, which is made with a traditional Italian recipe with sourdough in a wood furnace. Central Inn steak (butcher steak), or queen steak as locals call it. Until we added this steak to our offer butchers were keeping that meat for themselves. Our recommendation is to try this steak medium rare for the fullest flavour. Zlatibor brunch, which is a blend of breakfast and lunch that's served as a buffet where you can find specialities (from komplet lepinja in a wood furnace to sushi). Central Zlatibor is something that had to happen on the already rich Zlatibor scene, but with us, even the regulars from Zlatibor always have something new to try. What separates us even more is our specially qualified staff in every position. From the morning your coffee will be made by baristas, the bartender will prepare your favourite cocktail, and our sommelier will always be at hand to recommend wine, cigars from old and new world or any other drink. The advantage of having highly skilled and qualified people working in the bar is that they can have a degree of freedom. They can make you a completely new drink if you like. Some of our regulars already have cocktails with their names on them (Rade colins, Johan Old Fashioned, Dzon sour). The result of this approach is always a happy guest. As for the drinks we can offer at Central Zlatibor, there are over 20 labels of top Serbian schnapps (from plum mostly) specially selected by our Central Zlatibor team. We also have over 20 single malt whiskies from all regions of Scotland, as well as whiskey from the US, Japan, Canada, and Ireland. As for Dzin, as a growing category of drink in the world, at any time you can find a minimum of 7 different labels, Also with a large selection of Cuban and non-Cuban cigars, we recommend rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Cuba. There is also a large selection of tequila which is not served with lemon and salt of course. This whole offer completes a wine card of 37 labels of all styles from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Macedonia, and of course Serbia. Guests like us firstly for our staff that gives special warmth to our bar, but also for ambience, music choice and of course our complete offer. On Thursday and Saturday, you can enjoy live music and we suggest that you try yourself in creating your very own cocktail. Welcome.